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Hepatitis : Liver Support No. 1 (60 pills ) : Gandezhi Jiaonang (L25)

Hepatitis is a common disease with frequent relapses that takes a long convalescence for total recovery. So it seriously affects human health and has became a health hazzard deserving immediate attention. In Chinese Medical interpretation, Hepatitis is caused by the culmination results in Liver functioning depressingly; dysfunction of gastrosplenic transmission and assimilation ability; stagnation of Vital Energy. The persistence of Dificiency in Vitality ultimately leads to Stasis of Blood Circulation that give rise to a series of clinical symtoms as Hepatodynia, Hypatosplenomegaly, Hepatocirrhosis, Fatigue, Anorexia and Nausea. The prescription follows the Chinese therapeutic concepts in dealing with Hypatitis by dissipating heat; detoxifying; strengthening Spleen, Excreting Pathogenic dampness, clearing Liver from stasis obstructing the normal flow of Vital Energy; and relieving pain. This product is manufactured by applying modern scientific process in the extraction of vital ingredients from various expansive and effective Chinese herbal medicine. This product is researched under the special care of Canton Medication Industrial Research Center; while undergoes more than 2 years' thorough clinical testing in various Medical units - as The Chung Shan First Hospital, Second Hospital, Third Hospital, Kwang Tung Provincial People's Hospital, University of Chinese Herbal Medicine Subsidary Hospital - and further examined by Hepatic Specialists, Medical Professors, Experienced Chinese Physicians. This product is regarded, in their professional opinion, as more effective in curing or acting as a preventive agent for Infectious, Chronic Interstitial and Virus Hepatitis in comparing with other medications in market. This product "Liver Support No. 1" also helps restoring normal functions to Liver, relieving irritating clinical symtoms, strengthening Spleen and Liver, lowering the content of Ammonia Enzymes and activating immunity ability in body organism. While its continued uses causes no harmful side effects.

Ingredients :

Salviae Miltiorrhizae, Schizandra Chinensis, Radixscutellariae, Radix glycyrrhizae, Fructus mori.

Functions :

Relieving Pathogenic Heat, Detoxifying, Activating Blood Circulation, Clearing Blood Stagnation Strengthening the functions of Liver and Spleen, Lowering Content of Ammonia Enzymes, Activating Immunity ability in body organism, Restoring proper Hepatic functions.

Indications :

For Infectious, Chronic Interstitial and Virus Hepatitis for both A and B type. (functional as a preventive agent)

Dosage :

3 times daily. Adult: 4 tablets. Children: Dosage reduced proportionately. Women in pregnancy - proper dosage as directed by physicians.

Treatment :

2 months' continued dosage as the first treatment. After Liver restores its normal functions, one more month of dosage is required for Liver Strengthening Treatment.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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