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Inspirex Extract : Huo Xiang Zheng Gi Wan (K82)

The specially selected ingredients in this dietary supplement offers rich herbal nutrients which can help the body's natural abilities in coping with the discomfort caused by seasonal changes.

Functions and indications:
Breaks up congestion and stagnation and of qi at the center, dispels wind-damp and wind, resolves spleen damp, tonifies spleen qi. A valuable medicine for poor digestion due to deficiency of spleen with phlegm-damp or food accumulation, causing nausea, vertigo, headache, pasty or loose stools, and flatulence. Excellent for wind-damp invasion of the stomach (summer-damp-heat stomach flu). Valuable in motion-sickness and morning sickness. Traditionally used in cholera.

Packing: 160mg X 200 pills per bottle.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Directions: Take 8 pills 3 times a day as a dietary supplement.

Wrinkled giant hyssop 24.2mg, Angelica root 8.08mg, Areca peel 8.08mg, Perilla leaf 8.08mg, Poria 8.08mg, White Atractylodes tuber 16.16mg, Magnolia bark 16.16mg, Balloon Flower root 16.16mg, Mature mandarin peel 16.16mg, Licorice root 16.16mg, Jujube fruit 4.04mg, Ginger 2.44mg, Pinellia tuber 16.16mg

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

K82$10.99, 12/$87.00

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