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The lotion originates from Hinduism. Hinduism is a later orthodox religion born after and as an opponent to Budhism. Their worships include FANTINA (God of Exporation), SAPPO (God of Destruction) and QUINCINI (God of Preservation), etc. The followers all believe in Godnesses LOTION becomes a valuable and sancified lotion known to all worshippers.

To retrospect further, the lotion was only known to its method of preparation by the highest ranks of monks in budhism, popularized as Budha Lotion. This sanctified Lotion was made specially for the need of those who join the Happy Parties. Thereafter, the formula going through many channels, reached to monks, its name entitled to be Indian God Lotion. Budhism gains popularity in China. It is for that consequence, Budhism is remaining to be the central religion in Tibet.

Being an utmost secrecy in the formulation of the Lotion it was the legacy of the Lamas, the living Budha of Phutukutu. Sai Chung (Yung Ching), a son of the King Hong Hay in Ching Dynasty, plotted to usurp his father's throne. With such an evil intention, Sai Chung aggregated numerous Lama guards as private fighting and protecting warriors who leacked the formula of the Lotion to the Emperors circle. Rulers of Ching Dynasty had used it in their royal families in private. It was said that eunuch Lee Lin Ying gained great favour from Empress Chi Ha merited to this lotion.

Method of use:
Hold canister upright and pump spray a thin layer onto the penis 30 Minutes before intercourse. Do not hold canister upside down when spraying. Do not over spray product.

Keep away from Heat or Flame. Keep out of the reach of Children.

Isopropyl Alcohol, Water, Perfume and Asari Root

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