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Keepfit Reduce Obesity Pill : Te Xiao Shou Fu Jian Fei (S63)

Obesity is commonly found. According to the science of the traditional Chinese medicine, "Obesity is an early symptom of being abnormally too fat". In other words, obesity reveals disorder metabolism of carbohydrate going on in human body and it makes catabolism slow down while the composition in metabolism speed up. As a result, fat is over accumulated, making the metabolism disequilibrium. Obesity not only brings distruction to the good-shape of body, but also cuases weariness and lumbago which are harmful to human life. It is possible for human beings irrespective of sex and age to suffer from obesity.

Directions As a dietary supplement, take 3 capsules each time, three times daily.

Active ingredients Fo_ti(dried root tuber), Kudzu(root), Lycium barbarum(fruit), Chinese salvia(root&rhizome), Asian waterplantain(rhizome), Plantain(leaf), Rheum plamatum(rhizome)extract, Japanese dodder(seed).

Net Wt : 10.5 g
30 Tablets

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