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Serenity & Tranquility Care : Yang Xin Ning Shen (K285) : OS

Support the body's natural balance for a rested mind and a calm spirit. Assist the body to reduce stress and frustration. Helps maintain a healthy emotional balance and a positive sense of well being.

Functions and indications:
Nourishing the heart and boosting the spleen, making calm and quieting the spirit. Use for insufficiency of heart qi, neurasthenic due to spleen-stomach vacuity, fright palpitation and insomnia, willies, vexation and agitation, profuse dreaming, dizzy head and vision, low food intake and fatigued body.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1 servidng (6g) 2 times a day.

Warning: Do not use if you are pregnant.

Contents: 6 Boxes of 6g each

Dihuang dried root, Tendrilleaf fritillary bulb, Tangkwei root, Szechwan lavage rhizome, Indian bread root, Thinleaf milkwort root, White Peony root, Dwarf Lilyturf tuber

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