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Overdue long reading of youngsters can harm their eye-sight, resulting in pathologic changes with ocular tissues. Eyes become congestive, fatigued, swollen, painful, and there occur headache, vertigo and stabbling prurits around the eyes. Carelessness in treatment may lead to possible pseudomyopia, which finally develops to true myopia.

Irascibility relieving, sight improving, liver nourishing, kidney benefiting, brain & eyes strengthening

Pseudomyopia, congestive and fatigued eyes, amblyopia, central retinitis

As a dietary supplement, take 5 pills each time, two times daily with salted water. Taking this supplement successively for 30 days is calculated as one course of treatment.

Active ingredients
Concentrated extracts from magarite, Caulis dendrobii, cornus officinalis, rehmannia glutinosa, chrysenthemum, fructus lycii, Poria, rhizoma batatatis, cortex noutan radicis

Net Wt
60 pills

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