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Vision A Formula : Nei Zhang Yan Ming Wan (K264)  : OS

This unique remedy is based in the Healing Arts of Herbal Therapy which believes the cataract vision for people often related to the insufficient performance of liver and kidney. Vision A Formula is prepared to vigor "Qi" and promote blood circulation. It gives the herbal nutrients support for your best and maintain a healthy vision.

Functions and indications:
"Tribulus & Chrysanthemum Combo" Benefits clarity of vision, nourishes liver and kidney yin and blood, sedates heat, tonifies and circulates qi and blood, nourishes spleen qi. Use for impairment of vision due to liver yin deficiency with heat, with the symptoms of cataract, glaucoma, itchy painful eyes, impaired day or night vision, and recovery following eye surgery.

Packing: 250mg X 120 pills per bottle.

Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

Direction: As a dietary supplement, take 8 pills 3 times a day with warm water.

Simple leaf chaste tree, Tribulus, Dong Quai, Ligusticum wallichii, Schizonepeta, Chrysanthemum, Chinese mint, Indian goldthread, Trichosanthes.

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